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CONTRAST: The Engine of Evolution

Contrast is everything and everyone around us.  Since we are the universe, we represent contrast.  By it's diverse nature, contrast appears as a variety of people, flora, fauna; magnetic degrees of positive/negative, hot/cold, light/dark; and all (in)visible matter(s).

If contrast, in terms of opposite varieties didn't exist, then everything and everyone would be the same.  Contrast is here for us--as us and all species--to choose from, change, foster momentum of expansion, and perpetuate movement, which is the warping or ever-present curvature of spacetime.

Ever hear of the saying, "there's something (or someone) for everyone?"  Contrast is the mix of people or matter(s) available for everyone's preference, and we make decisions based on our knowledge-base, which is INFORMATION.

In-Form-ation may be visible, or invisible as a thought "Form" of contrast too.  Whenever someone points out something "wrong" or "right" they judge the contrasting universe according some "Form" of information that they agree or disagree with.

In order to know true peace, love, or joy, contrast of its opposite may appear to choose a preference, which changes throughout time.  Another way to think about contrast is a person living in a cooler climate experienced its contrast during a trip south of the equator.  Then, that experience may (or may not) cause the person to prefer warmth, rather than cold weather and severe winters.  By experiencing the contrast of anything (e.g. pain/pleasure, chaos/peace, fat/thinness, etc), we're able to make choices.

Contrast tends to breed desire--either for the "same" or opposite.  No decisions would be made, nor change occur if everything and everyone was already "as is" ... the "same" status quo.  The mix of contrast is as necessary as neighboring concepts of wet/dry, high/low, dark/light.

Another thing about contrast relates to the silly idea of beauty/ugliness.  Is there such a thing since both are based on opinions?  Evolutionary Psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa in The Scientific Fundamentalist: Psychology Today quoted the famous statement, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  I tend to favor Dr. Wayne Dyer's humorous notion of someone approaching a tree and remarking how dirty it is with sap and messy leaves all around.  Judgements of right (e.g. good) and wrong (e.g. not good) are forms of contrast too.

In fact, some societies, particularly in the West, exist with mostly a free-ranging population, while others in contrast live via absolute conformity in the East, for example:

Another example of Homo Sapien contrast includes:
* so-called filthy rich in areas where most rural flora-food falls in decay to the ground; alongside urban restaurants or cruise ships that throw away enough that may potentially feed their extreme opposite
* so-called starvation or filthy poverty

Like it or not, the universe seems to have been designed with contrasting varieties [in varying degrees] beyond human experience.  Contrast also represents other phenomena like the physics of heat or cold - above or below the equator.  Temperature difference also gravitates (space) weather in direct relation to contrasts of co-creation. 

Abraham's teachings are a good introduction to the human effect of contrast.  Yet, from a gravitational point of view, all polarities at the grandest or smallest scales represent the mixed universe as ever-changing engines of evolution.

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