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Jim Carrey of The Truman Show explains the power of cerebral activity in the next video, which reflects how thoughts are formed through knowledge or Information that ultimately gravitates ALL matter(s).

As referenced in Volume I and II, thoughts or information is the secret code of the universe connecting all species in a cosmic web of DNA.  This invisible codex is similar to binary code (zero's and one's) that can be programmed like electronic software on a machine.

In terms of information code, any letter or number in language is like ones or zeros "formed" by us and given meaning:

* mathematics: 1 + 0 = 1
* words: "one day..."
* names: ZerO One

The word one or zero can mean anything according to whatever term we assign.  Our reality operates the same way with interpretation producing or gravitating whatever thinkers have in mind. Shakespeare said, "Nothing is good nor bad, but thinking makes it so."  This can be interpreted to reference how nothing has meaning; it's only what we quantify through Reality Tunnels, as Robert Anton Wilson points out.

The brain is like a supercomputer with neural networks that spark thoughts from stored information.  Similar to thought formation, computer programmers form code to alter GUIs.  In other words, information seems to "form" the meanings we associate, and it's always in "formation" ... that is, forever in the process of being "formed" somewhere in spacetime. Change the information and the meaning changes, gravitating the thinker's new thought-form.

Also, the more information is formed, the more is available, discovered, or revealed as Tesla did with Alternating Current (A/C) and Edison did with Direct Current (D/C). Anthony Robbins once quoted, "Nature never reveals its secrets, it only responds through methods of inquiry."  Asking questions or exploring will give us more information and even greater answers to probe.  Hence, we are the universe revealing itself with information through each and every BEing.

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