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Atom: tiniest element; subatomic particles are tinier

Black Hole:89 a dark region of space with an intense gravitational field

Cosmology:96 a science of the origin and evolution of spacetime

Dark Matter [DM]:87 an invisible gravitational (attractive) substance

Dark Energy [DE]:88 invisible anti-gravitational (repulsive) energy

Darkspeed: Defined by G THEORY; a variable velocity of gravitation; calculations are equivalent to subjects in the equation

Electromagnetism:34 the union and interaction of magnetism and electric currents

Energy Isles: Defined by Abraham as "Vibrational Islands" and interpreted to mean individual or collective energies, thought forms, or matter(s)

Entanglement:21 connections between quantum systems
Entrainment: synchronization via relationships; communion

G-Force: variable speed of gravity (Darkspeed) with operational velocity that’s solely equivalent to subjects in the equation; God Force

G Theory: unifies Law of Attraction with Universal Gravitation, postulating ineffable potentials of gravity within ‘infinite’ dimensions of the universe

Gravitational Energy: GE=MC2 – All energy and matter(s) are gravitational [Modification of Einstein’s famous equation].

Gravitational System: [Figure 1] a network of matching code; gravity’s orchestration of all matter(s) as in the Nebular Hypothesis

Gravitational Waves:4, 38 radiation produced by terrestrial and celestial sources in spacetime

Graviton:53 composite of gravity, similar to “photons” of light

Intention:60 purpose, plan, objective, goal; The Intention Experiment

Kaizen:27 Japanese method of systematic improvement

Kinetic Energy:40 produced by matter(s) in motion

Law of Attraction (LOA):1,4 Universal Law of Gravitation (LOG); the same magnetizes the same; like = like; more = more; less = less

Law of Gravity (LOG):4, 35, 41 attraction of mass or matter(s); LOA
M Theory: 51,52 unified superstring theory; references an 11-dimensional world

Magnetite:33 a natural mineral with intense magnetic attraction; lodestone

Manifest(ation): creation, fruition, receivership, accomplishment
Matter(s): topics, situations, or physical substance

Matrix: the universe’s organizational structure; ethereal matter(s) as defined by Max Planck30
Messenger Particle:90 energy conveyer

Molecule:11 group of atoms

Multiverse:93 universes of infinite potentials 

Particle: tiny matter 

Pheromones:85 radiation of influential chemicals

Potential Energy:40 stored energy [possibilities]

Quantum Mechanics: physics of possibilities that studies evidence at atomic levels

Script(s): human or computer language; screenplays

Solar Plexus: the autonomic electromagnetic system that radiates nerves of the sympathetic system  

Sympatheia (Sympathy):100 early term of Posidonius referencing shared connections or magnetic affinity

SPA: Solar Plexus Alert; divine wireless communication 

Spacetime: See link; the union of "space" and "time" as defined by Einstein

String Theory:49 postulates that all particles are vibrating strings

Tachyon: a minute particle that travels quicker than photons

Thermodynamics:86 physics of heat transference

Universe: all space and matter

Vibration:5 energy radiation calculated or measured in Hertz


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